The United Football League was a minor league operated between 1961 and 1964. It was primarily a Mid-Western league, drawing many quality players from the Big Ten conference. Though it provided the NFL with many good players, it was an entertaining option during a time when (with lower player salaries) it could compete with other leagues. The league would fold, but many of its backers and players would find new franchises in the Continental Football League.

Among its more notable feats, the league revived the Cleveland/Canton Bulldogs and Akron Pros, two early-era NFL teams, and became the first professional football league to have full-time teams in both the United States and Canada, when it launched the Quebec Rifles in 1964.

1961 SeasonEdit

Columbus Colts 6-2-2
Grand Rapids Blazers 6–3-1
Indianapolis Warriors 6-3-1
Cleveland Bulldogs 6-4-0
Louisville Raiders 4-6-0
Akron Pros 0–10-0

WESTERN DIVISION CHAMPIONSHIP PLAY-OFF Grand Rapids Blazers 24 Indianapolis Warriors 14

UNITED FOOTBALL LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP Grand Rapids Blazers 20 Columbus Colts 7

1962 SeasonEdit

Grand Rapids Blazers 9-3-0
Indianapolis Warriors 9-3-0
Wheeling Ironmen 8-4-0
Toledo Tornadoes 6-5-1
Columbus Capitols 6-6-0
Louisville Raiders 4-7-1
Cleveland Bulldogs 4-8-0
Chicago Bulls 1-11-0

WESTERN DIVISION CHAMPIONSHIP PLAY-OFF Grand Rapids Blazers 24 Indianapolis Warriors 20

UNITED FOOTBALL LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP Wheeling Ironmen 30 Grand Rapids Blazers 21

1963 SeasonEdit

Wheeling Ironmen 12-1-0
Toledo Tornadoes 10-3-0
Cleveland Bulldogs 7-5-0
Indianapolis Warriors 5-8-0
Grand Rapids Blazers 4-9-0
Syracuse Stormers 0-12-0

UNITED FOOTBALL LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP Wheeling Ironmen 31 Toledo Tornadoes 21

1964 SeasonEdit

Canton Bulldogs 12-2-0
Charleston Rockets 11-3-0
Indianapolis Warriors 10-4-0
Wheeling Ironmen 7-7-0
Toledo Tornadoes 6-8-0
Quebec (Montreal) Rifles 5-9-0
Grand Rapids Blazers 5-9-0
Joliet Explorers 0-14-0

UNITED FOOTBALL LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP Canton Bulldogs 19 Indianapolis Warriors 14

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