The Toronto Rifles were a minor-league professional American football team active between 1964 and 1967. It was based in Toronto, Ontario. The team's home fields were Maple Leaf Stadium (1965) [1] and Varsity Stadium from 1966 to 1967.[2]. The team was owned by Montreal businessman Johnny Newman.

As the Quebec Rifles, the team was the first professional American football team to be based in Canada. It played the 1964 season in Montreal, Quebec in the original United Football League. When that league dissolved and the Continental Football League formed in its place, the Quebec Rifles moved to Toronto and played three years in the ContFL before folding after 4 games into the regular season in 1967. The team finished second in the league in 1965, losing to the Charleston Rockets in the league championship. In 1967, however, the Canadian Football League's Toronto Argonauts signed away the Rifles' head coach, Leo Cahill, quarterback Tom Wilkinson and running back Joe Williams. Meanwhile, Alan Eagleson took over the franchise. The team decalred bankruptcy 4 games into the 1967 season and the league folded the franchise at the same time as the Akron Vulcans.

The Rifles had a Canadian-based rival, the Montreal Beavers, when in the Continental Football League.


Year Wins Losses Ties Points OPP Playoffs Championships Notes
1964 5 9 0 out of playoffs as the Quebec Rifles of the UFL
1965 11 3 0 412 258 Lost league championship to Charleston Rockets team moved to Toronto and first season in the CFL
1966 9 5 0 344 280 lost East division playoffs to Philadelphia Bulldogs
1967 1 3 0 39 52 fails to make playoffs moved to Atlantic North division, team folds after 4 games into the regular season

Source :THE COFFIN CORNER: Vol. 10, No. 5 (1988) - The Continental Football League: A mini tragedy of five acts, Sarge Kennedy [3]


Source :THE COFFIN CORNER: Vol. 10, No. 5 (1988) - The Continental Football League: A mini tragedy of five acts, Sarge Kennedy [4]

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