Pittsburgh Lyceum
Founded 1906
Folded 1910
Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
League Independent
Team History Pittsburgh Lyceum (1906-1910)
Team Colors Unknown

The Pittsburgh Lyceum were a professional football team based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from 1906[1] until 1910. They were regarded as one of the professional football teams in Pittsburgh from 1907 until 1909. The team was also the last championship Pittsburgh would produce until the 1970s. Many of their victories came against many of the strongest teams in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio. Hence, they were given the mythical moniker the "Tri-State Champions" in 1909. The team was finally defeated in 1909, via an upset by the Dayton Oakwoods in their final game of 1909. The Lyceums broke up after a disappointing 1910 season.[2]



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