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Maritime Football League
Current season or competition:
MFL-Logo.jpg 2012 CFL season
Sport Canadian football
Founded 2002
Inaugural season 2002
No. of teams 5 (as of 2013)
Country(ies) Canada
Most recent champion(s) Halifax Shockers
Most titles Saint John Wanderers and Riverview Mustangs tied with 3
TV partner(s) None
Official website [1]

The Maritime Football League is a men's Canadian Football league in the Maritime Provinces of Canada. The season runs from May until August. The league consists of former CFL, CIS, and High School football players. [1][2]


MFL Logo

Teams in 2013Edit

Defunct TeamsEdit

Maritime Bowl ChampionsEdit

  • I 2002 Halifax Shockers 21 Saint John Wanderers 19 (Hampton, N.B.)
  • II 2003 Saint John Wanderers 50 Halifax Shockers 12 (Halifax, N.S.)
  • III 2004 Moncton Marshals 30 Halifax Shockers 3 (Moncton, N.B.)
  • IV 2005 Saint John Wanderers 28 Dartmouth Knights 18 (Halifax, N.S.)
  • V 2006 Saint John Wanderers 52 Dartmouth Knights 26 (Saint John, N.B.)
  • VI 2007 Riverview Mustangs 23 Halifax Shockers 0 (Riverview, N.B.)
  • VII 2008 Riverview Mustangs 21 Saint John Wanderers 13 (Riverview, N.B.)
  • VIII 2009 Riverview Mustangs 16 Halifax Shockers 7 (Riverview, N.B.)
  • IX 2010 Moncton Mustangs 29 Dartmouth Knights 10 (Moncton, N.B.)

Mariner Bowl Champions (Tier 2 Playoff Bowl)Edit

  • I 2007 Dartmouth Knights 20 Saint John Longhorns 15 (Saint John, N.B.)
  • II 2008 Capital Area Gladiators 42 Saint John Longhorns 33 (Saint John, N.B.)
  • III 2009 Dartmouth Knights 41 P. E. I. Privateers 14 (Dartmouth, N.S.)
    • Not Competed for in 2010.

External linksEdit


  1. Hodge, Neil. "League's pre-season jamboree runs today in Moncton", Times & Transcript, May 24, 2008. Accessed May 24, 2008
  2. Hallihan, Bruce. "Maritime League schedule begins May 31", Daily Gleaner, May 21, 2008. Accessed May 21, 2008

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