This is a list of seasons completed by the New York Dragons. The Dragons were a professional arena football franchise of the Arena Football League (AFL), based in Uniondale, New York. The team was established in 1995 as the Iowa Barnstormers. As the Barnstormers, the franchise made the playoffs in all but one season, and appeared in two consecutive ArenaBowls, however lost both. Before the 2001 season, the Barnstormers relocated to New York and changed their name to the Dragons. As they did in Iowa, the Dragons won four division championships, but have not been in any ArenaBowls. In the 2004 season, the Dragons won their division, but did not qualify for the playoffs due to a rule change made prior to that season concerning which teams would be given a playoff berth. The rule was changed back following that season's conclusion to the way it was before 2004. Prior to the 2009 season, the AFL announced that it had suspended operations indefinitely and canceled the 2009 season. The Dragons played their home games at Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

ArenaBowl Champions ArenaBowl Appearance Division Champions Playoff Berth
Season League Conference Division Regular season Postseason results
Finish Wins Losses
Iowa Barnstormers
1995 AFL American Central 2nd 7 5 Won Quarterfinals (Arizona) 56–52
Lost Semifinals (Orlando) 56–49
1996 AFL American Central 1st 12 2 Won Quarterfinals (St. Louis) 52–49
Won Semifinals (Albany) 62–55
Lost ArenaBowl X (Tampa Bay) 42–38
1997 AFL American Central 1st 11 3 Won Quarterfinals (San Jose) 68–59
Won Semifinals (Orlando) 52–34
Lost ArenaBowl XI (Arizona) 55–33
1998 AFL American Central 3rd 5 9
1999 AFL American Central 1st 11 3 Won Quarterfinals (Milwaukee) 66–34
Lost Semifinals (Orlando) 48–41
2000 AFL American Central 1st 9 5 Lost Quarterfinals (Nashville) 63–56
New York Dragons
2001 AFL National Eastern 1st 8 6 Lost Wild Card Round (Toronto) 64–57
2002 AFL National Eastern 4th 3 11
2003 AFL National Eastern 1st 8 8 Won Wild Card Round (Chicago) 48–45
Lost Semifinals (Orlando) 69–62
2004 AFL National Eastern 1st [a] 9 7
2005 AFL National Eastern 1st 10 6 Lost Conference Semifinals (Orlando) 47–42
2006 AFL National Eastern 2nd 10 6 Lost Wild Card Round (Georgia) 72–69
2007 AFL National Eastern 4th 5 11
2008 AFL National Eastern 4th 8 8 Won Wild Card Round (Dallas) 77–63
Lost Divisional Round (Philadelphia) 49–48
2009 The AFL suspended operations for the 2009 season.[1]
Total 116 90 (includes only regular season)
8 10 (includes only the postseason)
124 100 (includes both regular season and postseason)


  • a The Dragons finished in first place and won the division championship, but did not qualify for the playoffs because the AFL changed the playoff format for that season, with only the top eight teams league-wide being awarded a playoff berth. There was no guaranteed playoff berth for division winners, and the Dragons were not one of the top eight teams, therefore they did not participate in the playoffs. The AFL went back to the old rule in the following season that gave an automatic playoff berth to any team that won its division.



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