The Empire Football League (EFL) is a semi-professional American football league that operates franchises based primarily in New York and Pennsylvania. The league has been in existence since 1969.

Since 1969, there have been many franchises that have come and gone and have existed in many other locations besides New York and Pennsylvania, including Vermont, Connecticut, Quebec, and Ontario. Due to complications stemming from the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, all Canadian teams were removed from the league beginning in the 2010 season. (At the time, the Quebec Titans and the Ottawa Deacon Demons (Joliet Chargers) were still in the league.)

The league attempts to promote football at an amateur level and does help to prepare players who desire to play organized Football at a national level. Historically, the league's most dominant team has been the Scranton Eagles who have won a record 11 championships, 10 of those coming between the years 1982 and 1994.

Franchises (as of 2010)Edit


Champions Edit

YearChampion teamDefeated team
1969Hudson Falls Greenjackets (no game)
1970Tri-Cities JetsHudson Vikings
1971Lackawanna County Eagles (9-1-0)Tri-Cities Jets (9-1-0), 26 to 13 (@ Scranton, 10/30/71)
1972Tri-Cities Jets (10-0-0)Lackawanna County Eagles (8-2-0) (@ Binghamton)
1973Oneonta Indians (no game)
1974Glove Cities Colonials(no game)
1975Oneonta IndiansAlbany Metro Mallers
1976Hudson Falls GreenjacketsAlbany Metro Mallers
1977Troy Uncle SammiesGlove Cities Colonials
1978Troy Uncle SammiesHudson Falls Greenjackets
1979Albany Metro MallersTroy Uncle Sammies
1980Watertown Red & BlackTroy Uncle Sammies
1981Binghamton JetsGlens Falls Greenjackets
1982Scranton EaglesGlens Falls Greenjackets
1983Scranton EaglesGlens Falls Greenjackets
1984Scranton EaglesGlens Falls Greenjackets
1985Syracuse ExpressGlens Falls Greenjackets
1986Scranton EaglesSyracuse Express
1987Scranton EaglesAlbany Metro Mallers
1988Scranton EaglesOttawa Bootleggers
1989Albany Metro MallersScranton Eagles
1990Scranton EaglesAlbany Metro Mallers
1991Scranton EaglesMontreal Voyaguers
1992Newburgh RaidersScranton Eagles
1993Newburgh RaidersScranton Eagles
1994Scranton EaglesNewburgh Raiders
1995Newburgh RaidersSyracuse Storm
1996Newburgh RaidersColumbia County Colts
1997Binghamton JetsCapitaland Thunder
1998Kingston PanthersConnecticut Chiefs
1999Scranton EaglesKingston Panthers
2000Syracuse VipersScranton Eagles
2001Syracuse VipersScranton Eagles
2002Orange County BulldogsGlen Falls Greenjackets
2003Glens Falls GreenjacketsWatertown Red & Black
2004Glens Falls GreenjackersAlbany Metro Mallers
2005Albany Metro Mallers 33Orange County Bulldogs 0
2006Albany Metro Mallers 39Watertown Red & Black 0
2007Vermont Ice Storm 9Watertown Red & Black 8
2008Quebec Titans 12Vermont Ice Storm 10
2009Watertown Red & Black 6Plattsburgh North Stars 0
2010Plattsburgh North Stars 13Watertown Red & Black 10

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