The Carolina Speed is a professional indoor football team that plays in the Southern Indoor Football League. The Carolina Speed began in the American Indoor Football Association. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, the Speed plays its home games at Bojangles' Coliseum.

The team had decided not to participate in the 2010 AIFA season, but announced its intentions to return to the league in 2011. The team had also announced that it would play its future games at the Cabarrus Arena & Events Center in Concord, North Carolina, marking a return to the facility where the Speed began in 2007.[1] Due to the merger of the AIFA and SIFL, the Speed will now play in the SIFL. In addition, the Speed's website states that they have changed their mind about returning to Cabarrus, announcing their 2011 season will once again see them playing at Bojangles' Coliseum. [2]


The name "Carolina Speed" comes from the winning name of a contest held at the Cabarrus County fair, as well as paying tribute to North Carolina's NASCAR heritage.


Note: W = Wins, L = Losses, T = Ties

Season W L T Finish Playoff results
2007 7 7 0 4th Southern Lost SC Week 1 (Lakeland)
2008 6 8 0 3rd EC Eastern Out of Playoffs
2009 7 7 0 4th Southern Out of Playoffs
2010 Did Not Play
Totals 21 23 0 (including playoffs)

2007 Season ScheduleEdit

Date Opponent Home/Away Result
February 3 Huntington Heroes Away Won 61-57
February 12 Tallahassee Titans Home Lost 44-62
February 17 Florence Phantoms Away Lost 36-64
February 26 Montgomery Bears Home Won 48-16
March 24 Erie Freeze Home Won 40-29
March 31 Baltimore Blackbirds Away Won 48-25
April 7 Mississippi Mudcats Home Won 64-52
April 14 Lakeland Thunderbolts Away Lost 19-57
April 21 Montgomery Bears Away Lost 34-63
April 28 Mississippi Mudcats Away Lost 28-70
May 5 Baltimore Blackbirds Home Won 52-32
May 12 Florence Phantoms Home Won 32-22
May 18 Tallahassee Titans Away Lost 48-68
May 25 Lakeland Thunderbolts Home Lost 21-39
June 11 Lakeland Thunderbolts (Playoffs) Away Lost 32-55

2008 Season ScheduleEdit

Date Opponent Home/Away Result
March 9 Erie River Rats Away Lost 21-42
March 15 Reading Express Home Won 49-17
March 22 Canton Legends Away Won 38-35
March 29 Huntington Heroes Home Lost 35-40
April 5 Columbus Lions Home Won 59-44
April 19 Mississippi Mudcats Away Lost 33-37
April 26 Fayetteville Guard Home Lost 18-19
May 3 Florida Stingrays Home Won 56-23
May 10 Baltimore Mariners Away Lost 23-48
May 17 Baltimore Mariners Home Won 72-36
May 31 Mississippi Mudcats Away Lost 18-59
June 6 Augusta Colts Away Lost 42-53
June 21 Florence Phantoms Home Lost 35-53
June 28 Florida Stingrays Home Won 63-57

2009 Season ScheduleEdit

Date Opponent Home/Away Result
March 7 Florence Phantoms Away Won 37-29
March 14 Columbus Lions Home Lost 49-50
March 22 Columbus Lions Away Lost 37-68
March 28 Fayetteville Guard Away Lost 32-57
April 4 Erie River Rats Home Won 38-12
April 18 Florence Phantoms Home Lost 31-37
April 25 South Carolina Force Away Lost 27-37
May 2 D.C. Armor Home Won 28-20
May 18 Florence Phantoms Away Won 51-21
May 30 South Carolina Force Home Lost 36-50
June 6 Erie River Rats Away Won 51-21
June 13 D.C. Armor Away Lost 44-50
June 20 Fayetteville Guard Home Won 45-40
June 29 South Carolina Force Home Won 38-35


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