The 1929 Dayton Triangles season was their tenth and final season in the league. The team improved on their previous output of 0-7, losing only six games.[1] Despite this, they were winless for two consecutive seasons.[2] This feat would be duplicated by the 1943 and 1944 Chicago Cardinals;[3] however, the NFL does not consider that to be the longest losing streak, as the Cardinals combined with the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 1944 season. As a traveling team, they played all six games on the road, finishing twelfth in the league. The franchise folded after the season, losing its final seventeen games spanning three seasons.[2] During this stretch, the team was outscored 301-22.[4][5][6] With the team's folding, the NFL lost is longest-lasting traveling team (1920-1929), and the final traveling team until the Dallas Texans in 1952.

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1929 Dayton Triangles season
Head Coach Faye Abbott
Home Field
Record 0-6
Place 12th NFL
Playoff Finish No playoffs until 1932
Previous season Next season
1928 N/A

The Dayton Triangles were limited to only seven points[1] throughout the entire season. This was the final team in NFL history to score under ten points in a season. This dubious feat had been accomplished nineteen times prior to this season's Dayton Triangle's performance. This was the Triangle's third time (1925, 1928, 1929) to record a single-digit season scoring output, tying the Louisville Brecks (1921, 1923, 1926) for this dubious record.

They were coached by Faye Abbott, his second and final season of coaching. Abbott had previously played for the Triangles; between coaching and playing, he participated in 70 of the Triangles' 77 games as a franchise. The franchise was winless under Abbott's head coaching. With the franchise folding, Abbott would be the team's fourth and final head coach.


Week Date Opponent Result
1 September 22, 1929 at Green Bay Packers L 9-0
2 September 28, 1929 at Frankford Yellow Jackets L 14-7
3 September 29, 1929 at Providence Steam Roller L 41-0
4 October 6, 1929 at Staten Island Stapletons L 12-0
5 October 13, 1929 at Boston Bulldogs L 41-0
6 November 24, 1929 at Chicago Cardinals L 19-0


Green Bay Packers 12 0 1 1.000 198 22 W-2
New York Giants 13 1 1 .929 312 86 W-4
Frankford Yellow Jackets 9 4 5 .692 129 128 W-1
Chicago Cardinals 6 6 1 .500 154 83 W-1
Boston Bulldogs 4 4 0 .500 98 73 L-1
Staten Island Stapletons 3 4 3 .429 89 65 L-2
Orange Tornadoes 3 4 4 .429 35 80 L-1
Providence Steam Roller 4 6 2 .400 107 117 L-1
Chicago Bears 4 9 2 .308 119 227 L-1
Buffalo Bisons 1 7 1 .125 48 142 W-1
Minneapolis Red Jackets 1 9 0 .100 48 185 L-7
Dayton Triangles 0 6 0 .000 7 136 L-6


Boston Buffalo Chicago Bears Chicago Cardinals Dayton Frankford
Green Bay Minneapolis New York Orange Providence Staten Island

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