The 1915 Buffalo All-Stars season was their first season in existence. The team played in the New York Pro Football League and would go on to post a known record of 0-1.

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1915 Buffalo All-Stars season
Head Coach Barney Lepper
Home Field Buffalo Baseball Park
Record 0-1
Place No divisions
Playoff Finish No playoffs
Previous season Next season
N/A 1916


Game Date Opponent Result
1 November 14, 1915 Detroit Heralds[1] L 69-0

According to Roy Sye, Buffalo had played an extensive schedule prior to the Heralds game that included the Brooklyn Lakewoods, the Buffalo Oakdales (one of the last games in the team's existence), a team from Fort Niagara, the Lancaster Malleables, one of the many teams from Rochester (but not the Jeffersons), a team representing the Seneca nation, and Tonawanda. Buffalo did not lose any of those games.[1]

Game notesEdit

  1. Only recorded game.


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