The 1906 Canton Bulldogs season was their second season in the Ohio League. The team finished 10-1, giving them second place in the league. The championship series between the Bulldogs and the Massillon Tigers was rumoured to be fixed.

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1905 Canton Athletic Club season
Head Coach Blondy Wallace
Home Field Mahaffey Park
Record 10-1
Place No divisions
Playoff Finish No playoffs
Previous season Next season
1905 1911


Game Date Opponent Result
1 October 7, 1906 Fredericksburg W 57-0
2 October 13, 1906 Moundsville, W.Va. W 14-0
3 October 14, 1906 at Toledo Athletic Association W 31-0
4 October 20, 1906 Pittsburgh Lyceum W 8-0
5 October 21, 1906 Benwood (W.Va.) Athletic Club W 49-0
6 October 27, 1905 at Pittsburgh Lyceum W 12-0
7 October 28, 1906 Broadway A.C. of Cleveland W 57-0
8 November 4, 1906 Deering Maroons W 57-0
9 November 16, 1906 Massillon Tigers W 10-5
10 November 24, 1906 at Massillon Tigers[1] L 13-6
11 November 29, 1906 Latrobe Athletic Association W 16-0

Game notesEdit

  1. Game that is associated with the Canton Bulldogs–Massillon Tigers betting scandal


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