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The 1898 Duquesne Country and Athletic Club football season was their fourth season in existence. The team finished with a record of 9-0-1. The team was named the top team in western Pennsylvania.


Game Date Opponent Result
1 October 8, 1898 Maryland Athletic Club W 46-0
2 October 15, 1898 Knickerbocker Athletic Club W 45-0
3 October 22, 1898 Pittsburgh College W 16-0
4 October 29, 1898 Penn State Nittany Lions W 18-5
5 November 5, 1898 Geneva College W 62-0
6 November 8, 1898 Pittsburgh Athletic Club W 34-0
7 November 12, 1898 Greensburg Athletic Association T 0-0
8 November 19, 1898 Latrobe Athletic Association W 17-0
9 November 24, 1898 Washington & Jefferson Presidents[1][2] W 11-0
10 December 3, 1898 Western Pennsylvania All-Stars[3] W 16-0

Game notesEdit

  1. Thanksgiving Classic
  2. Following week's game vs. Pittsburgh Athletic Club was cancelled due to snow.
  3. This was the 1st professional football "all-star" game, as Duquesne played a team that consisted of several of top football players in western Pennsylvania.


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